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Useful Macros for Druids

Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 17 mins ago. An hour ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Resto Druid macros. Resto Druid macros Hey everyone. I was just curious if anyone knows of any helpful tree macros that could make life a bit easier for us. We've two healed everything except Sindragosa and Valrithia, although I think we could of done Val. Thanks for any help. Reply With Quote. Re: Resto Druid macros cast swiftmend on tank, wich should be target.

Re: Resto Druid macros This is the basic mouseover macro that a lot of druids use, if you're not using it already: Code:. Re: Resto Druid macros Oh awesome these macros are great. I'm gonna have to give them a try. I appreciate the responses. I've always wanted to try a good mouseover macro but never got around to it.

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Re: Resto Druid macros. Originally Posted by Robinhoodexe. Originally Posted by Chronalis. Originally Posted by adare. Does anyone have a type of macro with will cast Abolish Poison OR Decurse depending on if the target has either? Re: Resto Druid macros this is a good post. Originally Posted by Klypto. Macros are unable to do so, but there are a few addons with smartcast decurse that can. I never use smartcasts as it just bothers me to have everything in one button, but the OoC makes sense.

Guess I just misunderstood all this time :. Re: Resto Druid macros a long time ago mods were able to made decisions like this for you. All times are GMT.Note: With the release of 6. In an effort to keep Wowpedia posts relevant, please re-validate and re-post macros that work in the current version.

When re-creating a macro in Useful macros please. The macros in this page are intended for general use. They are not intended to cover all situations, buffs, or items which you, or other players, own. You may need to modify these macros for your specific use. Included below is a quick-reference guide to the most relevant macro customizations that druids may want to perform. This is not an exhaustive list, as this is not the primary aim of this document. Should you need to perform other customization work which is not part of this quick guide, please refer to Making a Macro.

The UI Forums and the Druid Forums on the official World of Warcraft website are also great resources, should you need additional help. Many druid macros make use of the stance modifier to detect which form you are taking. The stance numbers each refer to a Form. How do I remove audible error messages, such as "Target not in Range"? How do I activate a trinket, or any other item?

For any other equipment or inventory slot, refer to InventorySlotId. How do I set a raid target? How do I swap action bars? However, some might still wish to page bars using macros.

In that case, this line will allow you to do that. Change the numbers to the bars you wish to swap. This macro will:. This macro will remove snares without taking you out of your current form.I use Version 2 as my default for all things. If something is confusing just ask I will do my best to clarify. If you find a mistake point it out I will try to correct it. The Healing spells in that defensive macro have been removed. I thought it was redundant as the healing macro should be used for all healing situations.

Therefore the Guardian Affinity Macro can be used even when not in guardian affinity. This will help you live in a tough situation. A good combo is to have HOTS on all, then change to the Guardian macro while trying to stay alive long enough for the actual tank to return.

The extra range on all other abilities is also nice. Notes: -This macro will only cast spells on rotation and the modifer enabled spells. All other spells you must cast. These are mouseover macro spells that will help you heal whatever icon your mouse key is on top. Works perfectly with Blizzard Raid Frames. If it is not the macro will still work as intended. Things will likely change as we get azerite gear but not much from the below.

Please let me know what you think. I am using the Balance Druid Affinity as it is doing the most damage. The only intention of this macro is to be casted during a crucial moment in battle where you might die.

This macro will attempt to keep you alive long enough for you to survive, run away, or have a teammate heal you. Pre Macro: Moonfire. KeyPress: Cat Form. Defensive Macro Version 1. I made it originally for my Balance Druid and just tested this on my Restoration Druid and it is working great. KeyPress: RegrowthBear Form. Defensive Macro 2.Druids can do just about anything and do it really well. They are capable healers, damage dealers for both melee and spells, and tanking.

Noticed an extreme lack of a spell that would make you target nearby enemy,turn Boomkin if not in Moonkin Form, if in Moonkin Form casts Moonfire.

Also note, it makes it so you dont get stuck with a highlight mouseover spell and accidentally charge another person. Put this macro in place of your normal Rip button. Then, replace Unsolvable Riddle with the exact name of the trinket you want to use.

You can optionally add a new line if you want to activate one of your trinkets. See the using an item in a macro guide for more information. Rez someone with random saying. These are some of the best sayings. Additionally, again provided you have selected the wild charge talent, you will be able to take advantage of its help target benefits, as well the the harm benefits without having to press a different key or button.

When no targets exist, Darkflight will be active. Once the button is depressed, […]. Lifebloom cast on focus target no modifier Lifebloom cast on mouseover holding control, no focus, or focus is dead Makes keeping it on same person rather easy. This will allow u to cast healing touch when predatory swiftness proc by jus spamin the macro, its a good combo with the dream of cenarius talent.

You can chance the finishing move for the one u prefered in my case i have it with all. This macro will shape-shift you into what ever form is most advantageous to your location. Casts Revive if mousing over a dead player or dead players unit frame while not in combat, If not mousing over, it will cast Mass Resurrection instead. If in combat, it will instead cast rebirth if possible without shape shifting you.

If you put NS first, it will show NS rather than rebirth in combat. Puts you into bear form and then casts Growl. Requires 2 button presses if not in bear form.

Will not shift you out of Bear form. This macro restores for the most part the way Growl worked from 5. Or renamed Row5 in the final line to what your macro is named. Casts Rejuvenation without shifting you out of form. Useful for bears with Heart of the Wild Active. One-button Cat Form — Prowl — Pounce macro: First click puts you in Cat Form, if you are not in cat form and stealth; second click to execute pounce.

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I found a longer version, but after reading this site was able to shorten it significantly. Casts Rebirth and says name of the target. Will still say it even if you rebirth on cd so beware of that. Macros are short code scripts that help players combine spells and abilities to perform powerful combos. If you're out of WoW Game Time, click here!My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 16 mins ago. An hour ago. Recent Forum Posts AM. Thread: Can someone give the full set of resto druid mouse over macros?

resto druid macros

Can someone give the full set of resto druid mouse over macros? Can someone give me the full list of Resto druid Mouseover macros, to help me become better at healing? I dont know how to make them myself, and blizzard has never thought to make a simple mouseover setting in the game since its existence.

Restoration Druid Macros 8.3 (BFA)

Reply With Quote. Have you tried using vuhdu or any other healer raid frames? Just bind the spell to the same button in clique as it has on the bars and mouseover will have priority. I'd use a nice addon called Clique, it has advanced settings too.

But basic premise is make any spell mouseover, without clogging up macros.

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Originally Posted by fadedmind. Originally Posted by ponies. Originally Posted by marmil. Anything worth doing is worth over-doing. Moderation's for cowards. I dont use any mouse over. Originally Posted by myhv. Diplomacy is just war by other means. Now that OPs question was answer, can I just got a bit off topic? Since Vuhdo was already mentioned I used elvui's frames previously and set up vuhdo the other day.

I really like the customization, but there a few things that bug me. I don't want to see the frames while in other specs. Played with the spec buttons, but couldn't get it to work.

Restoration Druid

Also, I set up to have ALL debuffs visible, but even so some debuffs don't appear on the frames, like that one ignite soul debuff from Nightbane in Kharazan. Do I have to manually add those things, cause that would be a lot of work. Elvui frames would show an icon when a tank uses a major CD.In this guide, you will learn about playing a Restoration Druid in a raid. This is a core build. Gems are situational and depend on the build and equipment. They are used to reach the required stat caps.

Improving Haste reduces the cooldown of Rejuvenation to 1 second. We need Haste rating combined with Gift of the Earthmother to do it. Next, we have Spell Power that increases the power of our healing spells. Stack it as much as possible. Critical strike rating is a nice thing to have after we have enough Haste since it contributes to our healing with heal crits and via the Living Seed talent.

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These are the very basics that will get you started. Use Rejuvenation and Lifebloom on the tank from the start.

Why Do Pros Have 2 of the Same Spell on Bars?- Macro Tips & Guide - Cdew - Cdews & Cdonts #3

Maintain Lifebloom on the tank and refresh it. If the tank is taking a lot of damage, then let it work its full duration. Tranquility is used after a massive AoE or when the raid is about to die combine it with Barkskin if necessary.

Skip to content. Talent Tree This is a core build. Works with Nourish Glyph of Rapid Rejuvenation makes the healing faster, but you will be able to heal less players at the same time. Not advisable to use in 25 man raids. About The Author. Furious If I'm not working or spending time with the family I'm probably gaming. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. You are going to send email to.

resto druid macros

Move Comment.Forgot your password? By NostalianOctober 7, in Druid.

resto druid macros

I wanted to share a google doc of Druid macros that I wrote way back in April when I hit At the time, I was super frustrated with how cluttered my bars had become. That frustration inspired me to write a bunch of macros that consolidated many of my abilities and freed up my bars.

Thanks for linking your macros to me! Do you use the EzDismount addon that someone mentioned in the second link you gave me? How does that addon implement dismounting? Alternatively, you can use the following extended code to make macros which autodismount on specific actions:.

For example to autodismount when using cat form always replacing "36" with the ID of your action button to mount, see picture above :.

Of course that function it's not very handy to call, so you could wish for some more extended code to ease up making macros depending on your needs. Before you could also add some monfires to that to spam with a timed reset. Dont want it so fancy, just want the first line. Just curios. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

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Existing user? Sign in anonymously. Nostalian's Druid Macros! Recommended Posts. Report post.

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Posted October 7, Hi everyone! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted October 8, edited. Posted October 8, Posted November 15, Macros look very difrent here from what i remeber from vanilla. Looking at your list seems i can still do most of what I could before still thou. Can you still line upp skills? Like a one button cast dot, you press twice? Insect Swarm, Moonfire Before you could also add some monfires to that to spam with a timed reset. As I level I'll prolly remember more good to haves.